útszan (to make better)


“útszan's simple storytelling carries powerful emotional impact”

“an earnest and engaging tale”

“Wallace wins viewers’ hearts with her immersive storytelling and complex characters, whom she embodies with equal parts humour and vulnerability.”

“útszan soars in its simplicity; there’s no need for frivolous theatrics. Wallace is a masterful storyteller who elicits laughter and tears in her audience.”

“Humble in its presentation, útszan is a captivating and intimate experience that speaks to the importance of language revitalization and the journey of healing that comes with it.”

“A powerful piece of theatre that every Canadian should see”

“a cross between an informative language lesson, a prime example of great storytelling and a powerful piece of relevant theatre that every Canadian should see.”

“Wallace treats every aspect of her story with respect and tenderness… Each rounded person is beautifully observed and convincing, and the transition from one to another is seamless.”



“What a smart play Benevolence is. Ruby Slippers’ production takes on serious ethical issues in a theatrically dynamic way. Crisp rhythmic direction from Diane Brown; the power of the character’s anguish feels almost at times visceral. First rate drama…and it’s funny too!”

“Chris Lam’s Bruno is a jewel of a performance, the still centre around which everything revolves.”

Benevolence: exuberance, compassion

“Director Diane Brown has embraced the vivacity of Britt’s storytelling and infused this production with stylistic exuberance.”

“A fantastical, sometimes paradoxical adult fairy tale.”

“Stephanie Wong, who’s playing Isabelle, the grieving mom, delivers the least stylized characterization — and one of the most effective.”

“Diane Brown wisely allows the actors to maintain the pace of the play while assuring that the playwright’s Quebecois sensibility remained intact.”

we the same


Review quote from Jay Minter

— Jay Minter, On the List @jminter Read Jay Minter's (On the List) review of we the same

The Duchess aka Wallis Simpson



Après Moi & The List



You Will Remember Me


A Beautiful View




Les Belles-soeurs


Marine Life

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Diane Brown on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer

Diane Brown on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer from Laura Murray Public Relations on Vimeo.

The Duchess a.k.a. Wallis Simpson

Ruby Slippers Theatre Presents: “The Duchess a.k.a. Wallis Simpson” by Linda Griffiths

Hotel Bethlehem Trailer

The Nativity Story meets Fawlty Towers: see Ruby Slippers Theatre’s original Christmas farce HOTEL BETHLEHEM trailer here!

A Beautiful View Promo Video

Promo Video for Ruby Slipper production of Danael MacLvor’s “A Beautiful View”

A Beautiful View

Diane Brown, Artistic Director of Ruby Slippers Theatre, talks about how she managed to snag Daniel MacIvor to direct A Beautiful View

A Beautiful View

Colleen Wheeler talks about her role in A Beautiful View, what it’s like to work with Daniel MacIvor, and her new baby.


The Express WTD

Diane Brown is interviewed by Johanna Ward for The Express. Original air date, March 25, 2009.


Ruby Slippers presents Life Savers.

Ruby Slippers Theatre

Twenty years of courage, heart and brains.