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2020/2021 Season

September 14-18, 2020

we the same

November 2, 2020

More to come soon, please check back for updates to our 2020/2021 Season.

September 2020

Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women is produced by Ruby Slippers Theatre in partnership with The Vancouver Fringe Festival and Playwrights Guild of Canada.

Festival curated by Tai Amy Grauman

ūtszan by Yvonne Wallace

Monday, Sept. 14, 1:30 pm 

Playwright: Yvonne Wallace
Director: Marisa Emma Smith 

Aunt Celia, in her final days, refuses to speak English, forcing her niece Margaret to become fluent in Uewalmiewts. The Residential School system forcibly took Aunt Celia’s language; now she courageously reintroduces it to her family fabric. Intense, poetic, intimate. 18+

The In-Between Place by Nyla Carpentier

Tues, Sept. 15, 1:30 pm

Playwright: Nyla Carpentier
Director: Nyla Carpentier
Stage Manager: Nico Dicecco
Actors: Michelle Bardach, Darylina Powderface, Emilie Leclerc, Jordan Waunch and Ashley Cook

There’s been an accident and Amanda, a mixed Indigenous woman, wakes up in a place between the living and the dead. In this strange place, her ancestors come to her, though they are not as she expected. Funny, weird, poetic. Racialized content. 14+


Ruby Slippers Theatre and The Vancouver Fringe Festival are sorry to announce the cancellation of the Wednesday, Sept 16 reading of The Women of Papiyek by Quelemia Sparrow due to unforeseen circumstances. The decision to cancel was mutual between the companies and the artists. The remaining four readings shall move forward as planned and we look forward to seeing you there.
CANCELLED Women of Papiyek by Quelemia Sparrow

Directed by Quelemia Sparrow

Generations of  European and Indigenous mixed race families lived in Papiyek (now called Brockton Point in Stanley Park) before being evicted from their homes and forced to re-locate. This is the story of three Indigenous women who lived in Papiyek at the turn of the 20th century. Intense, intimate, poetic. Warning: racialized content, violent content, and challenging content. 18+

Turtle’s Island by Brenda Prince

Thursday, Sept. 17, 1:30 pm

Playwright: Brenda Prince
Director: Renae Morriseau
Actors: Ashley Cook,  Olivia Lucas, Eugene Crain, Verna Kenoras and Raes Calvert 

Turtle’s Island is a one-act comedy telling the Anishinabe Creation Story of North America AKA Turtle Island. Challenging content, racialized content. 18+

The Seventh Fire by Lisa C. Ravensbergen

Friday, Sept. 18, 1:30 pm

Playwright: Lisa C. Ravensbergen

Directors: Laura McLean, Christine Quintana and Lisa C. Ravensbergen

Actors: Margo Kane, Tasha Faye Evans and Quelemia Sparrow

This play tells the story of an Ojibwe woman who returns to the Ojibwe community she believes has rejected her. She discovers her destiny is tied to prophesy when she becomes pivotal to the community’s survival. Poetic, intellectual, intimate. All ages.

All readings at Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright Street (Granville Island), Vancouver; admission by donation in advance online or at the door. Contactless payment only. No cash. Masks required. ALL READINGS WILL ALSO BE LIVE-STREAMED to Ruby Slippers Theatre’s YouTube channel.

Advance Theatre: New Works by Diverse Women is produced in partnership with Playwrights Guild of Canada and Vancouver Fringe Festival.

This is your Advance notice: Female-identifying Indigenous artists are taking the stage.

In 2015, Ruby Slippers Theatre approached Playwrights Guild of Canada and The Vancouver Fringe Festival with the idea to showcase dramatic readings of five new plays written and directed by diverse female-identifying theatre artists. Thus, Advance Theatre was born. RST’s radically inclusive vision is a world where diversity is celebrated through a deeper understanding of each other. So our Advance Theatre Festival is part of our larger, ongoing efforts that reflect our vision and mission to champion and celebrate diversity in the playwrights, directors, and actors we work with.

Admission by donation in advance online or at the door. Contactless payment only. No cash. Masks required. All readings will also be live-streamed to Ruby Slippers Theatre’s YouTube channel

Our definition of female includes trans women, non-binary, two spirit and gender queer individuals. Our definition of diversity includes cultural background, age, sexual orientation, and physical/mental ability.

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Media contact: Maryanne Renzetti
E: [email protected]

we the same

Monday, November 2 at 8PM 

Pre-recorded at the Firehall Arts Centre

Presented online, followed by a live Q & A

Ticket information:

RST at the Heart of the City Festival with a workshop of Sangeeta Wylie’s epic true story of a refugee family, we the same.

This workshop presentation is excerpts from the play and music.

we the same
1979: Inspired by a true story, a mother and six children are separated from their father as they flee Vietnam by boat, surviving pirate attacks, typhoons, starvation, shipwreck.. 40 years later, she shares the story with her daughter for the first time. Are these family secrets, or things we don’t talk about?

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