The Flying Monkey

Black Lives Matter

We are outraged at all the brutal police killings.KNOW THEIR NAMES, View interactive report courtesy of Al Jazeera: at Ruby Slippers Theatre condemn the murder

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Silence Is Not An Option

The staff and Board of Directors of Ruby Slippers Theatre condemns the mass murder in Atlanta and all anti-Asian racism and misogyny in the US and

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Dear Theatre Student

So you’ve decided you want to be an actor. Don’t do it. 

JK. Ok, maybe half JK. 

Perhaps, like me, you’ve known since you were six years old that you wanted to be an actor, or maybe you didn’t know until you took a high school drama class and something inside of you cracked open. “Ooh. What is this sensation? This cocktail of adrenaline, catharsis and praise?” 

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