Black Lives Matter

We are outraged at all the brutal police killings.
KNOW THEIR NAMES, View interactive report courtesy of Al Jazeera:
We at Ruby Slippers Theatre condemn the murder of George Floyd, an act of inhumane police brutality, that is perpetuated by a culture of white supremacy.

Credit: Black Lives Matter,
Credit: Black Lives Matter,

We in Canada share that culture, and we must commit ourselves collectively to dismantling white supremacy here at home, acknowledge that white privilege has come at the expense of BIPOC past and present, and rebuild our nation with justice and respect for all. We remain steadfast in our commitment to radical inclusivity and diversity in all that we do, empowering the underrepresented and working with BIPOC to abolish colonialism, misogyny and white supremacy.

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Here is a Vancouver-specific initiative at; this problem is as entrenched here as anywhere.

Also, the VPL put out this fabulous list of children’s ebooks called “Stand Up! Racial Identity, Racism and Resistance for Grades K-7” at

The federal government page of anti-racism resources is at