Hotel Bethlehem

Back by popular demand! Hotel Bethlehem is back this Christmas!

Hotel Bethlehem, by award-winning Vancouver playwright Drew McCreadie, dares to deconstruct the Nativity Story through satire and insightful humanity by playfully posing the question, “what if the men who defined history were…idiots?”

The play then follows that line of thought to its logical conclusion. That conclusion includes a Godless universe wherein the lamb of God is literally just a lamb, and the assertion that we need to forfeit our deepest fears (and the mythologies surrounding them) in order to embrace compassion for each other in the brief time that we have left in this our only life.

Probably the one and only existential Christmas comedy (that had people belly-laughing for two hours),  we are thrilled that Hotel Bethlehem was so warmly received and is being picked up by two theatres next season for an extended run through the month of Decemeber.

Edit: September 2013

Hotel Bethlehem Returns in 2013 at two locations. Check out Hotel Bethlehem at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby (December 4 – 7, 2013) and at Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver (December 10 – 22). Find more information about tickets.