Ruby Slippers Theatre is casting the following roles for a staged reading of Parifam by Aki Yagahoubi, a Canadian-Iranian film and theatre artist. Rehearsal for Parifam would be Tuesday Jan. 31st at The Shadbolt Centre for the Arts from 9 am to 2 pm. On Wednesday Feb. 1 there is an all day rehearsal. The reading would begin that day at 8 pm. Equity scale. Interested actors please send head shot and resume to with Parifam in the subject line.

Director Panthea Vatandoost would like actors to note that casting is open to all:

“As Aki has had multiple workshoppings of her script with all Iranian cast, she specifically is looking for a wider range at this reading. She is curious about what may be discovered about these characters as they are brought to life by actors who do not share the lived experiences of the characters.” 

PARIFAM MANA: 39 Years old woman, architect and painter, immigrant from Iran, currently lives in Montreal, Canada

CASRA: PARIFAM’s husband, 69 years old, political activist, refugee from Iran to Germany, currently lives in Montreal, Canada

JUSTIN: RAMAK’s husband, early 40s, Canadian, works for the municipal government

THE MAN (RAMAK’s father), MALE PRISON GUARD, TV REPORTER (Pre-Recorded video), SOUND OF Mr. MANA (PARIFAM’s father, Assassinated 16 years ago)