Nov 3-7. 2021

we the same

On behalf of everyone at Ruby Slippers Theatre, we wish to sincerely thank you all for your enormous support of our recent premiere production we the same, written by Sangeeta Wylie.

February 7-11, 2022

The Advance Theatre Festival

On behalf of RST and all the 32 artists who participated in the Festival, we thank you for your enthusiastic support of our 2022 Advance Theatre Festival, advancing and celebrating the radically inclusive stage! 

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Call for Submissions – Advance Theatre 2023

Celebrating 30 Years of Radical Inclusivity.

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Our Vision

RST imagines an inclusive world where diversity is celebrated through a deeper understanding of each other.

Our Mission

To bring this vision to reality, RST illuminates under-represented perspectives by giving voice to diverse artists from across the country including Quebec works in English translation.

RST defines diversity as gender equity, cultural background, sexual orientation, identity, physical/mental ability, and age.